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How Telemedicine is Being Used to Improve Patient Outcomes

Study after study shows that patients want the option to see their doctor via video. But decisions about how to administer healthcare can’t be based on surveys alone. Every channel of healthcare delivery must meet a certain standard of care before it can be adopted. That means there are two core questions about telemedicine that … Read More

Patients Are Demanding Telehealth from Primary Care Providers

If you have been on the fence about whether to add telemedicine to your primary care practice, here’s a new survey that might push you off it. According to new data by American Well, one in five consumers would be willing to switch providers if another practice offered telemedicine. “Consumers are clearly interested in more … Read More

Infographic: The ROI of Telemedicine Programs

A lot of factors are involved when it comes to selecting a telemedicine program for your practice. With a variety of choices on the market, deciding which software to use can often be overwhelming. Besides understanding telemedicine rules and regulations, practices must also look for a solution with ease of use, security, and seamless integrations … Read More

Veterinarians Association Searching for Telemedicine Input

Telemedicine is not a new thing in veterinary medicine. By its broad definition, whenever a general practitioner vet emails diagnostic images to a radiologist for a consultation, or a large animal doc transmits a medical record to his office from the field where he did the exam, that’s telemedicine. But not surprisingly, these days it … Read More

2017 – The Year of Telemedicine

Whenever new technologies get introduced, it takes some time to gain traction before they become mainstream or even ubiquitous. Telemedicine has been in use in one way or another almost since the telephone was invented. It just makes sense that medical professionals would use telecommunications as a way to treat patients at a distance. But … Read More

It’s Time to Embrace Telemedicine – Doctor’s Orders

Team Member Insight: A real patient’s hesitation with telemedicine adoption While traveling home last weekend to see my mother, I spotted someone on the plane researching “How to be healthy.” When you think of aspects of healthy living, items your doctor might prescribe are eating well, getting enough sleep and exercising. Yet, I doubt you … Read More

Treating Addictions with Telemedicine

Telemedicine has the potential to revolutionize how healthcare is delivered across the entire landscape. There are advantages for patients and providers alike in every specialty from family practice to dermatology and elder care. When it comes to the treatment of addiction, telemedicine is ideally suited to support providers and patients working to make significant life-saving … Read More

Better Practice Workflow = Better Work-Life Balance

As technology becomes more prevalent in the healthcare industry, it is essential for medical practices to adapt to this change. Certainly, electronic patient records, mobile applications, web portals, and remote patient monitoring, open up the opportunity to provide more effective care and build deeper relationships with patients. They can also involve a massive investment of … Read More

Best Practices: Getting Patients On Board with Telemedicine

Recently we wrote a post on the best practices for adding telemedicine visits to an already busy workload. But once you’ve come up with a weekly timetable for designated days/times for video visits, you need to fill those slots with patients. So how are patients informed about your telemedicine program and the option for a … Read More