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5 Questions to Ask Telehealth Software Vendors

telehealth software vendor How can you be sure that every telehealth software vendor you consider is giving you all of the right answers when you aren’t sure that you are asking the right questions? We struggle with that too when evaluating new technology, so we’d like to help. Here are 5 questions that you should be sure to ask telehealth software vendors, along with the best possible answers.

  1. Question: How well does your solution perform on slow internet connections and low bandwidth environments?

    This question is important because many medical office buildings and clinics have networks that are stressed by high demand. More and more applications run over the internet these days. While this is convenient and cost effective, it also puts a lot of strain on the network.

    Best Answer: Our solution has been engineered for this exact environment, giving you outstanding performance even in less than ideal conditions.

  2. Question: Do you support both patients and providers?

    Every vendor will offer some level of technical support for providers (their customers), but not all of them will support patients (your customers).

    Best Answer: Yes. We provide full support, including in-application support, for patients and providers.

  3. Question: Do you have an automated way to validate that a patient is eligible for reimbursement?

    While more and more states and insurance companies are implementing policies that support payment for telemedicine, the practice is still inconsistent and constantly in flux. You only want to consider solutions with a sophisticated, up-to-date, and automated reimbursement engine.

    Best Answer: Yes. And if our solution validates a visit and the claim is denied, we’ll work with the payer to get reimbursement, or we’ll pay you ourselves.

  4. Question: Can I add my logo and brand identity to the patient portal?

    Smart medical practices look for every possible way to reinforce their brand and keep themselves on the top of their patients’ minds. The telehealth platform you choose can represent an extension of your practice.

    Best Answer: Absolutely!

  5. Question: Will the solution integrate with my EHR or practice management system?

    You don’t want to ask your staff to do double data entry by choosing a platform for video visits that can’t talk to your EHR. Not only is this wasteful and inefficient, it also increases the opportunity for error.

    Best Answer: Yes. You can seamlessly schedule video visits right from the EHR or practice management system you are already using.

If you step into your vendor discussions armed with these questions, you’ll be able to tell pretty quickly if they have what it takes to support and sustain your telehealth initiative.