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Author Archives: Jordan Hills

Patient Self Scheduling – What is it and why use it?

We’ve gotten several questions about a Chiron Health feature lately: Patient Self Scheduling. What is it, you may ask? Patient Self Scheduling allows practices to easily promote telemedicine to patients and attract new ones by enabling patients to schedule video visits through their website! Here’s a quick review on self scheduling features: Patients schedule video … Read More

Now Available: The Chiron Health Android Patient Application

Great news, patients can now join video visits on Android devices. Same great features, new device! Chiron Health strives to push telemedicine forward by allowing physicians to provide high quality and convenient healthcare. The new Chiron Health patient application for Android allows patients to easily join video visits, wherever they are.   Have a patient … Read More

Introducing Clinical Protocols & Customized Telemedicine Software Training

Introducing a new feature for Chiron Health clients: Clinical protocols and customized telemedicine software training. Let us help you create a customized telemedicine formula specific to your practice and your patients. Our newly revamped training series removes the gray areas of telemedicine to help you and your staff become more knowledgeable on the platform and … Read More

How to Introduce Telemedicine to Patients

The practice of telemedicine is quickly gaining traction and the public is becoming more and more educated about the approach, but not everyone is aware of exactly what the term means and how it is used. If you are offering this option to patients, you are wise to be well prepared for the question, “What … Read More

10 Best Practices When Doing Video Visits

If you’ve decided to take advantage of telemedicine technology to improve the profitability of your practice, provide more convenient service to patients and guard against the competitive threat of retail and online only providers, good for you! Of course, you’ll want these video visits to go as smoothly and effectively as possible and you’ll want … Read More