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Author Archives: Meagan Daugherty

VA Telehealth Access set to Expand in 2017

President Trump and Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin recently announced a new initiative to expand access to telehealth services for veterans across the nation. The importance of improving veterans health care services was stressed throughout the president’s campaign and he has been doing his best to back it up with action since getting into office. … Read More

The Telemedicine Space Age

It goes without saying that access to medical care is even more crucial in space. Ever since the launch of Expedition One in 2001 to the International Space Station (ISS) and the beginning of long-duration stays, NASA has needed a way to monitor astronaut’s health. NASA’s Human Health and Performance team spend their days developing, … Read More

The Telehealth Market is Booming but Reluctance Remains

Many companies have started to invest their time, money, and human resources into the emerging telehealth market. They can see patient demand raising and are looking to be ahead of the curve. According to Zion Market Research, an estimated $38 billion will have been invested by the year 2022 by companies such as Google, IBM, Samsung, … Read More

Is the FDA Done Playing Catch up to Digital Health?

Many products and services fall under the large umbrella of digital health. Things such as mobile health (mHealth), telemedicine/telehealth, health information technologies and wearable devices are all included under the CDRH’s (Center for Devices and Radiological Health) broad scope of digital health. So, why is this important? Thanks to the amendments made to the Medical Device User … Read More