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Chiron Health Releases Industry’s Most Advanced Set of Telemedicine Software Billing and Reimbursement Tools

Chiron Health announced that the company has released an industry-first telemedicine insurance Rules Engine and Reimbursement Guarantee. This advanced set of telemedicine billing and reimbursement tools helps physician practices overcome the most common barrier to telemedicine adoption.

telemedicine software and billing toolsAustin, TX – February 3, 2016 – Chiron Health, Inc., a leading provider of HIPAA-compliant video visit and reimbursement services, today announced that the company has released the industry’s most advanced set of telemedicine software billing and reimbursement tools.

“Video-based telemedicine is a rapidly emerging standard of care for many types of routine consultations, yet reimbursement complexity has remained the largest obstacle to broader telehealth adoption by physician practices.”

Andrew O’Hara, CEO Chiron Health

To combat this roadblock to telemedicine adoption, Chiron Health has released a set of tools that automate the billing and reimbursement process—removing the burden from office staff to manually check telemedicine eligibility nuances and exceptions. The Chiron Rules Engine initiates a telemedicine insurance eligibility check each time a video visit is scheduled by automatically pulling the patient’s insurance information from the clinic’s practice management system.

By checking the patient’s insurance information against a proprietary database of state telemedicine reimbursement mandates and payer-specific nuances, Chiron Health is able to make an accurate determination of the patient’s eligibility for telemedicine reimbursement. In addition, the Chiron Rules Engine gets smarter with each eligibility check performed, pushing new rules to all clients through its cloud-based technology—ultimately cutting down on frustrating denials.

“Given the effectiveness of the Chiron Rules Engine, we’re also proud to offer the Chiron Reimbursement Guarantee,” said O’Hara. “If we verify a patient’s eligibility and a claim is later denied, our team will work to resolve the issue—if we can’t get it resolved, we’ll reimburse the claim ourselves.”

Chiron Health’s advanced billing and reimbursement tools guide practices through the complexities of telemedicine reimbursement and get physicians paid faster.

About Chiron Health, Inc.
Chiron Health is the only platform designed to get physician practices fully reimbursed for secure video visits. The company’s extensive knowledge of telemedicine regulation and reimbursement allows Chiron to guide practices through the complexities of telemedicine. The result? Guaranteed reimbursement. For more information, visit