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Chiron Health Telemedicine Software CareCloud Integration

Chiron Health, is excited to announce the partnership with CareCloud to bring cloud-based telemedicine software to outpatient physician practices. The Chiron Health CareCloud Integration simplifies clinical workflows and connects the dots between efficient practice management and secure video visits.

“Thousands of physician practices across the country using CareCloud can now schedule Chiron Health video visits directly in their practice management system. This partnership simplifies the adoption of telemedicine by introducing a seamless integration into existing practice workflows.”

Andrew O’Hara, CEO Chiron Health

Chiron Health can now be found in CareCloud Connect, an integrated partner ecosystem allowing physicians to easily activate HIPAA-compliant video visits through CareCloud. This “app store” approach is now becoming a popular model that is driving rapid innovation in the health IT space.

“We believe that this integration, coupled with our cloud-based software and Reimbursement Guarantee, is a major step forward in outpatient telemedicine that will allow physician practices to provide more convenient healthcare access to patients – and get reimbursed for it.”

Andrew O’Hara, CEO Chiron Health

Chiron Health strives to push telemedicine forward while maintaining simplicity. With seamless workflow integration and the industry’s first telemedicine insurance Rules Engine, Chiron Health guides practices through the complexities of telemedicine scheduling and reimbursement to help physicians drive revenue, practice efficiency and boost patient satisfaction.

To learn more about Chiron Health in the CareCloud Connect ecosystem, visit