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Free Range Healthcare Providers

telemedicine technology for a better lifestyleFor much of the professional world, work is becoming more of a thing you do and less of a place you go. The traditional model for healthcare delivery keeps most practitioners from enjoying the flexibility to work from anywhere. It also makes it difficult choose the best provider, not necessarily the closest.

Fortunately, there is a technology that changes the model dramatically. Telemedicine technology. While in-person visits will always be most appropriate for certain cases, and the “doctor’s office” isn’t going away anytime soon, providers are finding that the effective use of telemedicine software for some visits is having a positive impact on their lifestyle.  Here’s how.

Earn More Money

Video visits are usually shorter than in-person ones, allowing providers who choose to do so to see more patients each day, boosting revenue for the practice without additional staff overhead. They also allow providers to turn some work that is currently unpaid, telephone consultations, for example, into reimbursable encounters.

Take Control of Your Schedule

Since a video visit can be conducted from virtually anywhere, telemedicine technology makes it possible for physicians and other providers to work from home, or any place else with enough privacy. Some find it convenient to ditch the commute one or two days a week and schedule only video visits on those days. Others work from elsewhere during afternoon or morning hours. Like to golf, but hate the weekend crowds? Why not take Monday off and work on Saturday instead?

Go on Vacation

One of the reasons you’ve worked so hard is to be able to enjoy life, but many providers are reluctant to leave their practice for more than a week at a time and then only once or twice a year. With telemedicine technology, you can lengthen the leash a bit. Go farther, stay longer. If necessary, you can simply jump on a video visit for an urgent case or a patient that you want to keep close tabs on.

A recent study that indicated almost 60% of physicians are willing to consider telemedicine technology wasn’t surprising. What was surprising was that the number one reason, by a long mile, was to improve work/life balance. If you are looking for a lifestyle enhancer, telemedicine might just be it.