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Join Us! Chiron Hosts NewCo ATX – The Brave New World of Video-Based Medicine

We’re honored to have been selected as a mission-driven company making waves throughout Austin. Chiron Health is excited to announce we’re hosting a NewCo ATX event: The Brave New World of Video-Based Medicine.

NewCo events are attended by entrepreneurs, tech leaders and investors alike to get an in-depth view of how high growth startups and innovative tech companies are changing the world. Learn what it’s like to attend a NewCo event and register here.

Join Chiron Health at our east-side office to get an up-close and personal look of how technology is changing the healthcare landscape.

RSVP for Chiron’s July 26th 12:30 – 1:30 event.
Be sure to use our discount code: Chiron_30


The Brave New World of Video-Based Medicine


While healthcare has historically lagged behind other industries in terms of technology adoption, something interesting is brewing in physician offices across the country. Patients are now demanding convenient access to care, and healthcare providers are beginning to adopt remote care technologies at a remarkable clip.

This session takes a deep dive into the brave new world of video-based medicine. A tour of Chiron Health’s east side office will be followed by a lively discussion and live demo by Founder & CEO, Andrew O’Hara.

Speaker: Andrew O’Hara, Founder & CEO


A native of Iowa City, IA, Andy spent the early part of his career as a stock analyst at a Chicago-based investment bank covering the health IT sector. He made his way to Austin, TX to start the MBA program at the McCombs School of Business, but took a leave from the program in October 2013 to found Chiron Health, an outpatient telemedicine company based in Austin.

NewCo is also featuring several other Austin health tech-innovators. Be sure to check out PatientIO, Dell Medical School, and others.