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The Chiron Health Blog

Digital Tools for Managing Your Health in 2018

It’s 2018, so there’s an app for everything. Personal health management is no exception. In fact, the number of devices, applications, and data resources for managing your health grows every day. This is good news. As Rasu B. Shrestha, chief innovation officer at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and an expert in health information … Read More

What Do Patients Really Want from their Doctors?

The doctor-patient relationship is about a lot more than diagnosing and treating illnesses. Indeed, that’s part of it, but when a more profound connection is established, the relationship can bring peace of mind to the patent even when they aren’t sick. Ideally, the doctor and patient become a wellness team working together to ensure that … Read More

Telemedicine in Texas – New Rules Expand Access

At the end of last year, the Texas Medical Board (TMB) issued a new licensing regulation that significantly expands access to telemedicine for millions of patients in the state. Texas physicians can now treat patients via telemedicine without evaluating them in person first. The new rules, which were proposed by the board in September, and … Read More

5 Digital Health Tools Every Practice Should be Using

When the American Medical Association surveyed healthcare providers on their use of digital health tools, they found that 85 percent saw benefits for patients using digital health solutions. They found that physicians are, “optimistic about digital health innovation and its game-changing potential to benefit medicine.” Providers reported believing that digital tools could help improve practice … Read More

How Telemedicine Helps Practices Succeed

These days it seems like there’s an app for just about everything. You can use an app to control the temperature in your house, turn on your robot vacuum, book a flight, or even pay your friend back for lunch. It turns out there’s also an app for improving the bottom line of your medical … Read More

Infographic – How Tech is Helping Providers Promote Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Post provided by Destinie Wallis of Pearson Online Learning Services Health and wellness technology is becoming more and more prevalent in hospitals, doctor’s offices, and patient’s homes. It’s not hard to see why with 96% of health app users believing the apps help improve their quality of life. In addition, 86% of health care professionals … Read More

Why We Love Telemedicine and You Should Too

It won’t surprise readers of this blog that we think telemedicine is an integral part of the future of healthcare here in the United States and across the globe. Our team is made up of a bunch of people who are huge advocates for using video visits as an option for primary and many types … Read More

Telemedicine Defined

Doctor advises a patient on a phone. Telemedicine and telehealth flat concept illustration. Man hand, smartphone, heart with pulse on a screen. Vector element for tele and remote medicine infographic. When it comes to healthcare and technology there are a lot of terms that are tossed about, sometimes they are very similar, and some are … Read More

The Language of Telehealth

The intersection of technology and medicine can be a pretty confusing place for providers and patients alike. But that’s where telehealth and telemedicine sit. For those who aren’t intimately familiar with the medical and technical terms that are tossed about, discussions related to the use of remote audio and video technology for healthcare can feel … Read More

The AMA’s Guiding Principles for Digital Health Tools

Although the American Medical Association (AMA) wasn’t quick to jump on the digital health bandwagon, the organization now embraces technologies like telemedicine, wearable health monitors, patient portals, and some consumer-oriented healthcare apps. While the organization acknowledges the vast potential that digital health tools have for making the healthcare system more efficient and improving health outcomes … Read More