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Product Update: View Patient Status

We just released a new feature to let you view and know a patient’s status within the Chiron Health platform. You can use this feature to see whether a or not a patient has logged into Chiron Health and are getting ready for the appointment.

Within the appointment queue, you are now able to see the patient’s status; whether a patient is offline, online and preparing for the appointment and/or when the patient is ready to begin the appointment. Another cool feature in this view: If a patient is offline and you need to call them regarding the upcoming appointment, we provide their phone number in the same view.

To view patient status, simply log into your account and navigate to the appointment queue.

If your patient is not online there will be a light blue circle next to their photo and the message “Patient is offline”.
Patient Status 1

If you hover your mouse over the telephone icon, you will see the patient’s phone number. Feel free to give them a call.

When your patient is online, there will be a green circle next to their photo, and the message “Patient is online”.

Patient Status 2

We hope you enjoy this new feature.