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Quiz: Is Telemedicine Software a Good Fit for your Practice?

telemedicine software quizEver wondered if telemedicine software would be a good fit for your practice?

Telemedicine can be used in practices across many different specialties for routine visits that do not require a physical exam. When leveraged to their fullest, video visits allow physicians to boost practice revenue by fitting more patients into the day, promote patient satisfaction, and increase practice efficiency.

At Chiron Health we get many questions from physicians about whether or not we think their practice would benefit from offering video visits. The short answer is yes! If your practice is interested in any of the benefits above, offering video visits can add value.

To put some data behind this (and provide a longer answer), we surveyed our most successful clients on what we believe to be key indicators of a “good fit” for telemedicine such as:

  • Current method of follow-up care
  • Number of patients seen a day
  • Types of technology used in the practice
  • Payer mix
  • How patient no-shows and cancelations impact business
  • Status of patient leakage
  • Effectiveness of follow-up procedures and more

Next, we compiled and scored their answers to build this quiz. Of course, there are many other items and use cases to consider before concluding telemedicine would (or would not) benefit your practice, but this quiz is a good start! Take this short quiz to see how your practice stacks up.

If you’re interested in offering telemedicine, but need to do more research, check out our resources section or request a demo to talk to a telemedicine consultant.

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