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Chiron Health Pitches Telemedicine Software at Google Demo Day!

Next week our founders are headed out to the Google headquarters to represent Chiron Health at Google Demo Day 2016!

We’re excited to be featured as a technology leader and the opportunity to showcase our take on health tech to investors, VCs, and judges. Being part of this event allows Chiron Health to participate in a global network of high-growth startups across many areas of tech innovation.

Chiron Health is honored to represent innovation that’s happening not only in our beautiful home of Austin, Texas, but the many tech hubs beyond Silicon Valley.

Google is passionate about entrepreneurship and supports companies whose goal is to change the world. Chiron Health accepts this challenge and strives to push telemedicine forward while maintaining simplicity. Our mission is simple: To help physician practices provide convenient health care access for their patients through telemedicine software – and receive full reimbursement.

We’re excited not only to receive feedback from the judge panel, but to be in the same room with 100’s of entrepreneurs! Great things happen when you work in a community of talented, creative and smart people. Can’t wait to hear the great ideas and collaboration that comes out of Google Demo Day next week!

To watch the live stream and more information for this event, be sure to check out Google Demo Day’s Facebook event here.