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5 Questions to Guide Selecting a Telemedicine Technology

A lot goes into selecting the right telemedicine technology for your practice. It takes time to explore the array of solutions on the market and weigh the pros and cons that will affect both your practice and patients. When researching which telemedicine technology to choose, use the below topics to help guide the decision process.

How will your practice primarily use telemedicine technology?

It is important to determine the primary use case of telemedicine in your practice. Knowing how your practice will use telemedicine allows you to decide what type of technology and software capabilities you need. For example, practices focusing on rural area patient care may need a drastically different technology than a practice focusing on outpatient follow-up and minor urgent care.

Another thing to keep in mind is how many hours your practice can dedicate to telemedicine. Think about what features you would like to use and the time it takes to manage them.

What type of technical support will your practice need?

If/when your telemedicine technology does not perform as it should, what kind of support do you expect? Each telehealth technology company differs on levels of support offered, as do practices and their technical abilities. Support requirements and offerings need to be aligned in order to successfully leverage telemedicine technology.

Some items to keep in mind when evaluating support features are:

  • Your practice’s technical ability
  • Technical support hours
  • Technical support communication options
  • Support package costs
  • Who has access to support (i.e. patient and/or physician support)
  • Support response times

How will telemedicine technology integrate into current practice workflows and EHRs?

The most successful telemedicine practices leverage technologies that integrate seamlessly with existing workflows and EHRs. Look for a software that will enable your practice to become more efficient – not cause a roadblock. Everyone in the practice needs to be able to easily complete tasks on time and without forgetting key steps.

Is the telemedicine technology worth your investment?
Spend time analyzing how to receive a healthy return on your investment. Keep in mind the ways your practice will leverage telemedicine technology and what features are reimbursable. These items will allow your practice to get the most out of the technology and convert previously non-billable hours to reimbursed appointments.

In addition to comparing solution prices, key items to examine are:

  • Which features and appointments are reimbursable
  • Targeting which appointment types your practice can convert to video visits
  • How to retain current patients & combat patient leakage to on-demand telehealth doctors by offering video visits in your own practice

Use our free tool, Telemedicine Revenue Calculator, to run the numbers for your practice.

Is the solution user friendly?
A primary goal of telemedicine technology is to provide fast and convenient patient care. Ease of use greatly affects this goal. Time spent attempting to turn on and use telemedicine equipment is billable time wasted. The technology you choose should be easy for both your practice and your patients.

Practice staff is the first link in the chain of a successful telemedicine practice. Everyone needs to be able to easily schedule and manage video visit appointments. EHR integration is a big thing to consider, but also keep in mind the ease of use of the user interface.

Examples: How easy is it to schedule or change an appointment? How do you know if the patient is ready for a video visit? How do you set up video/audio?

Telemedicine technologies that allow patients to use their own devices is an appealing feature. It also reduces the amount of patient-user error. Allowing patients to use devices they are already familiar with ensures an easy setup and punctual appointment times.

Chiron Health has a simple user interface for both browser based and mobile applications, plus a dedicated support team available for both patients and practitioners. With guaranteed reimbursement and simple pricing, we make offering HIPAA compliant video visits easy for your practice. Contact us to learn more.