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The Top 15 Telemedicine Advantages

telemedicine advantagesIf you are tasked with making the case for implementing a telemedicine program for your practice, or if your just curious why the approach is becoming so popular, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a list of the biggest advantages of telemedicine for providers and patients.

Telehealth Advantages for Providers

  1. More Revenue

    A provider can see more patients in less time using telemedicine, creating the opportunity to earn more without working additional hours or adding staff.

  2. Better Health Outcomes

    Telemedicine makes it easier for patients to follow through with the provider’s orders for follow-up visits, lifestyle coaching, medication management and more.

  3. Increased Flexibility

    Since video visits can be done anywhere, anytime, practices have the choice to extend office hours during the week or even add weekend appointments.

  4. Protection from Competition

    Giving patients (AKA – customers) the option of telemedicine is an effective way to protect against competition from retail clinics, urgent care centers, and online-only telehealth services.

  5. Improved Work/Life Balance

    Providers who leverage video visits can work from home part-time. They can travel, knowing that they are still accessible if needed, and they can set their own hours.

  6. Reimbursement for Routine Follow-ups

    Most payers do not reimburse for telephone follow-up calls to review test results or answer patient questions. However, in many cases, if these same encounters are conducted via video, the provider can receive payment.

  7. Happier Staff

    Telemedicine takes some of the pressure off of medical office staffs by reducing the number of patients in the office, creating a less stressful environment, and reducing the administrative burden.

  8. Fewer No-Shows

    Telemedicine eliminates many of the factors, like transportation problems, work obligations, and childcare issues that cause people to cancel at the last minute or to miss appointments.

  9. Telemedicine Advantages for Patients

  10. No Transportation Costs or Wasted Time

    Telemedicine eliminates the need to waste time sitting in traffic. And patients don’t have to pay for parking, public transportation, or gas.

  11. No Need to Miss Work

    Since a video visit can be done from anywhere, there’s no need to take time off of work. Patients can schedule appointments during a break or before or after work.

  12. No Impact on Family Duties

    In-office visits are challenging for people with child or elder care responsibilities. With telemedicine, it is easy to get the care patients need without finding someone else to fill in.

  13. Easier Access to Specialists

    The best specialist to treat a particular condition isn’t always in the neighborhood. Telehealth enables patients to get the best specialist, even if they aren’t the closest.

  14. Reduced Exposure

    Video visits eliminate the risk of catching a new illness from someone else in the doctor’s waiting room and of transmitting pathogens to others.

  15. No Waiting Room Time

    “I love sitting in a waiting room,” said no one. Ever.

  16. Better Health

    Telemedicine makes it easier for patients to see their doctor when they need to. Follow-ups are hassle free and patients get the care they need to feel better.

It is no wonder that healthcare providers and patients alike are embracing telemedicine. The upside for everyone is considerable. Video visits are efficient and effective, easy on patients, and great for medical practices.