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Why Follow Up Visits via Video Is a Win-Win for Doctors and Patients

video for follow up visitsThe use of audio and video connections to deliver healthcare has been having an impact for decades. It’s been essential for connecting remote patients with specialists and allowing consolations between far-flung providers. Now that most modern healthcare consumers have access to high-speed internet connections and devices with cameras, the idea of telemedicine is being deployed far more broadly. One perfect application that provides big advantages for providers and patients alike is the routine follow up visit.

Why it’s great for providers

Using telemedicine technology for follow up visits makes providers more efficient in a number of ways:

  • Video follow up visits increase practice efficiency and allow providers to see more patients every day
  • They decrease the number of people in waiting rooms, allowing providers to re-think the way they use office staff and space
  • They decrease the likelihood of cancellations and rescheduled visits
  • They increase the chances that the patient will follow through with follow-up care, improving patient outcomes and satisfaction
  • Video for follow up visits gives providers scheduling flexibility and opens up the option of providing follow-up care when the office is normally closed

Why it’s great for patients

Patients are already reporting high satisfaction scores when telemedicine is used for follow up care. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Patients can complete their follow-up without having to use precious paid time off
  • Travel time and costs are eliminated
  • They don’t have to worry about child-care arrangements
  • If the patient is a child, time out of school is reduced
  • Avoiding waiting rooms means avoiding people with potentially contagious conditions

It’s no wonder that medical practices are rapidly turning to telemedicine as a way to improve their practice and delight patients.  And there’s a bonus. Video visits are great even for people who don’t use them.  How? Anything that reduces healthcare costs, keeps people healthier and increases the efficiency of our overtaxed healthcare system is good for everyone.