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Telemedicine Publications and Blogs

Telemedicine is quickly becoming a standard and mainstream way of providing care for patients across the United States. Laws and insurance provider policies are changing to increase access to this convenient and cost effective channel for healthcare delivery. It’s no wonder then that so many people want to be part of the conversation about how this innovative approach to modern healthcare is impacting patients and providers. Here are some outstanding telemedicine publications and blogs.

Telemedicine and e-Health (An Official Journal of the American Telemedicine Association)

Telemedicine and e-Health is a leading international peer-reviewed journal covering the full spectrum of advances and clinical applications of telemedicine and management of electronic health records. It places special emphasis on the outcome and impact of telemedicine on the quality, cost effectiveness, and access to healthcare.

Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare

The leading journal in its field, the Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare helps you to stay up-to-date in this fast moving and growing area of medicine. Contributions from around the world provide a unique perspective on how different countries and health systems are using new technology in healthcare. This high quality scientific work provides excellent coverage of developments in telemedicine and e-health with a focus on clinical trials of telemedicine applications.

Telemental Health Institute Blog

The Telemental Institute is a non-profit institute designed to research and develop evidence-based training materials and resources; offer free webinars to the behavioral professional community; consult agencies wishing to start-up their own telemental health programs; credential providers and provide other support services as the professional community increases health care access to more patients via digital health. Their blog covers strategic planning, reimbursement, technology choices, legal and ethical risk management and staff development/placement.

Chiron Health Blog

Chiron Health is a telemedicine software solution that makes it easy for patients and providers to replace some in-office visits with remote video visits. The Chiron Health blog is full of useful information about all aspects of telehealth including discussions on technology, best practices, reimbursement, regulations, security, and patient satisfaction.

Getting Paid Weblog by Kareo

Getting Paid, a weblog by Kareo, offers ideas, news and opinions about medical billing and practice management with the goal of making medical billing easier. They frequently cover the topic of telemedicine with a focus on provider reimbursement.

Healthcare Informatics Blog

Healthcare Informatics serves as the leading source of information for forward-thinking professionals involved in the planning, development, and implementation of important technological trends that define tomorrow’s healthcare. Telehealth is one of these trends, and their telemedicine blog covers issues from market conditions to changing laws and payer policies.

The Greenway Blog

Greenway Health is a leading provider of clinical, financial, administrative and connectivity information solutions to physician practices. Their blog covers a broad range of topics related to practice management, patient satisfaction, and all things telehealth.

CareCloud Blog

CareCloud is an online practice management solution designed to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of their practices, while connecting and collaborating directly with patients in support of better care. The CareCloud blog is all about improving connections between patients and providers, including frequent discussions about the role of telemedicine.

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