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The first modern telemedicine API


Add telemedicine to your application

Chiron Health’s telemedicine API makes it easy for healthcare technology vendors to integrate HIPAA-compliant video visits into their offering


EHR Vendors

Telemedicine is now becoming an important feature for EHR and practice management systems. Join industry leaders and seamlessly integrate secure video visits into your clients’ clinical workflow.


Patient Scheduling Apps

More and more patients are booking appointments online for a single reason: convenience. Take convenience to the next level by enabling patients to book secure video visits in your self-scheduling app.


Medical Devices

Does your medical device require follow-up with a patient’s prescribing physician? Easily integrate secure video visits into this follow-up regimen to create an end-to-end workflow for your clients.

Ready to enable HIPAA-compliant video visits in your application?

Seamless EHR/PM Integration

Seamless Scheduling Integration

At the core of Chiron Health’s telemedicine API is seamless patient scheduling integration. Your clients can now schedule video visits directly in your application and all necessary information will be synced with Chiron Health — eliminating any duplicate work for practice staff or patients. This functionality is ideal for EHR/PM vendors and well as patient self-scheduling apps.


Telemedicine Eligibility Verification

Telemedicine Eligibility Verification

Once an appointment has been scheduled, Chiron Health automatically checks the patient’s eligibility for reimbursement using the Chiron Rules Engine, an industry-first telemedicine insurance rules database.

This rules engine is supplemented by Chiron’s team of telemedicine reimbursement experts, working on your clients’ behalf to resolve any billing issues.


Telemedicine Definition

HIPAA-compliant Video Visits

Now that the visit has been scheduled in your system and Chiron has verified the patient’s insurance eligibility, your client is able to connect with the patient through a secure video connection. All clinical documentation is completed directly in your application — Chiron simply handles the HIPAA-compliant video.



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Add HIPAA-compliant video to your application with Chiron’s telemedicine API