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Category: Patient

Telemedicine Defined

Doctor advises a patient on a phone. Telemedicine and telehealth flat concept illustration. Man hand, smartphone, heart with pulse on a screen. Vector element for tele and remote medicine infographic. When it comes to healthcare and technology there are a lot of terms that are tossed about, sometimes they are very similar, and some are … Read More

Patients: Tips for During your Video Visit

  Video visits do not replace face-to-face doctor-patient interactions, they make them easier! Even though video visits are convenient and easy, you’ll need to use these tips to ensure the best video visit experience. Make Eye Contact Look directly into the camera occasionally so the doctor feels you are looking at them. Discourage Interruptions Remove … Read More

Patients: When to Use a Video Visit

Skip the waiting room; book an appointment with your doctor through a secure video visit and from the comfort of your home! Your doctor may suggest a video visit for many types of appointments, but here are common examples of when to use or request a video visit. Common Video Visit Appointments: Routine follow ups … Read More

Patients: Set Up your Chiron Health Telemedicine App on Android

You might be asking yourself, what exactly is a telemedicine app? First, let’s start with a video visit. Video visits are appointments scheduled with your doctor and conducted over the internet through a shared video call between you and your doctor. Join your doctor over secure video connection on any computer or Android with a … Read More