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Ditch the drive
See your doctor over secure video

Seeing your doctor has never been easier

See your regular doctor from the convenience of your home or office over a secure video platform.


Ditch the Commute

Forget about commuting to your doctor’s office — avoid traffic and save your gas money.


Avoid Waiting Rooms

Avoid wasting your time in crowded, uncomfortable waiting rooms. Instead, you decide where to have your doctor’s appointment.

Stay Engaged

Stay Engaged

Stay engaged with your healthcare with your regular doctor. In the long run, you’ll save money on healthcare costs.

Telemedicine - Family with Doctor

What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is a secure way to see your doctor over video. See your doctor face-to-face over video and receive the same care as an in-office appointment. Telemedicine for patients is easy! Use your iPhone, iPad, Android, or any computer with a camera and microphone. Simply set up your account and join your doctor on a secure video visit.

Telemedicine Definition

When Should I use Telemedicine?

Video visits with your doctor are great for the following type of appointments and more: refilling prescriptions and adjusting medications, reviewing lab and imaging results with your doctor, discussing necessary specialist referrals, and receiving continued care for chronic conditions. Getting comfortable with video visits is key before your first appointment. Considering a video visit with your doctor? Contact their office to schedule!

Setting up your Account

iPad or iPhone

Learn how to set up your account on iPad or iPhone


Learn how to set up your account on Android


Laptop or Desktop

Learn how to set up your account on a laptop or desktop computer

What patients say about Chiron Health

“This is such a fantastic idea! The video is high-quality and so easy to set up. Great for the doctor and the patient for keeping in touch and monitoring treatment. Saves a LOT of gas.”

Satisfied Patient

“After having already established a rapport with my doctor, this provides a much more efficient way to follow-up. I can’t even imagine going to a random doctor through a service like Teladoc!”

Satisfied Patient

“Being the parent of two special needs children this is an amazing technology that enables us to have a doctor available in our house to help make decisions about the care of our daughters. Fantastic idea.”

Satisfied Patient

Frequently Asked Questions

Video visits allow you to conveniently meet with your doctor over secure video. This keeps you out of the waiting room and saves you a trip to the doctor’s office.

For appointments that don’t require a physical examination, video visits through the Chiron Health platform are just as effective. Rest assured, your doctor will only recommend a video visit when it’s appropriate.

These appointments are typically covered by your regular health insurance – you’ll be charged the same co-pay as an in-office visit. Alternatively, check with your doctor’s office about a self-pay option.

Most doctor appointments that do not require a physical exam are great candidates for video visits. Contact your doctor’s office to be certain and view our blog on this topic here.

You will need either an iPhone or iPad, Android, or a desktop or laptop computer with a webcam and microphone.

Contact your doctor’s office to request and schedule a video visit appointment, just like requesting a normal in-office visit.

Tips and Tricks

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