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Guide to Buying the Best Telemedicine Software

Your Ultimate Guide to Buying Telemedicine Software


There are many telemedicine software solutions in the market today, but there aren’t many expert sources to guide you through the process of selecting the best software for your practice. To help you along, Chiron Health has compiled a set of helpful information and strategies based on how our typical customer purchases Chiron Health. Use this as a guide to selecting the best telemedicine software for your practice and view helpful resources along the way.


Step 1: Answer the following question – Why do you need telemedicine software?

The answer to the above question will help guide which software will work best for your practice. Many of our clients tell us they began their search for telemedicine software because they:

  • Wanted to boost practice revenue
  • Needed an efficient way to followup with patients and get reimbursed for it
  • Wanted to see more patients during the day
  • Needed to boost patient satisfaction
  • Wanted to beat competitors and offer the most convenient healthcare to patients
  • Needed to retain more patients & attract new ones
  • Were interested in using technology to drive efficiency

Of course, the above is a summarized list of the many reasons to look into telemedicine for your practice. For a more detailed view into if telemedicine is a good fit for your practice, take our Telemedicine Quiz. Or, to learn more about generating revenue with telemedicine, download our Telemedicine Revenue Calculator.


Step 2: Compare telemedicine technologies to traditional tools

Sometimes clients looking to accomplish any of the above don’t need to implement a telemedicine software, they can use other more traditional tools to achieve their goals.


Step 3: Compare different types of telemedicine software

There are many types of telemedicine software solutions out there. Let’s start with defining the different types of software. Then select the type that will help you achieve the goals for your practice.

Self Monitoring

Applications that use small devices or even cell phones to monitor patient health, is a type of telemedicine. Doctors are increasingly prescribing these applications to help them gather more data and better insight into their patient’s health and habits. That’s right, even your Fitbit is a type of telemedicine!

Store and Forward

Sometimes called “asynchronous telemedicine,” store-and-forward solutions enable healthcare providers to share patient medical data such as lab reports, images, videos and other records with a provider at another location. It’s similar to email, but with built-in, advanced security features to ensure patient privacy.

On-Demand Virtual Visits

There are many new telemedicine companies offering online doctors visits, on-demand. These services use a large network of physicians and PAs to provide 24×7 care for patients with whom they have no prior relationship. These services are online only and are not usually affiliated with the patient’s primary care provider. They charge either a flat rate per visit or a monthly subscription fee.

Real-time Telemedicine

Chiron Health video visits fall into the category of real-time telemedicine. Patients and providers are connected through audio and video channels for a live interaction. Unlike the other types of telemedicine, which generally supplement in-person care, real-time telehealth offers an alternative to in-person interactions. Remember, it is important to check security features and if the technology is HIPAA-compliant.


Step 4: Explore your options for the best telemedicine software

Now that you have researched the different types of software out there and have selected a type that is best for your practice, narrow down your options to find the best company to work with by using these helpful resources.


Step 5: Take a closer look at Chiron Health

If Chiron Health is a candidate to help your practice achieve its goals with telemedicine software, take deeper look at our product offerings:

  • Product overview – Learn how each feature of Chiron Health helps your practice drive revenue, boost patient satisfaction and efficiency.
  • Quick product demo – Watch this short video to learn more about Chiron Health telemedicine software features.
  • Reimbursement Guarantee – Chiron Health guarantees reimbursement from private payers. If we approve the charge and the claim is later denied, we’ll pay the claim ourselves, guaranteed.
  • Chiron Rules Engine – The industry’s most advanced insurance rules database. We check the eligibility of every patient specifically for telemedicine reimbursement as soon as the visit is scheduled.
  • About page – Learn more about our founders, company history and company goals.


Step 6: Validate your choice

Once you’ve decided that Chiron Health is a great choice for your practice, back it up with these great resources.


Step 7: Final considerations

We realize that choosing the right software for your practice is a process. Below are some final items to consider, offered by Chiron Health:

  • HIPAA-compliant video visits
  • Automated reimbursement tools and eligibility checks
  • Guaranteed reimbursement from private payers
  • Patient and provider support
  • EHR and practice management software integrations
  • Full training for staff and physicians


We hope you found this buyers guide and additional resources helpful. If you’re interested in learning more about Chiron Health, get started here. We’d love to discuss how your practice can seamlessly integrate video visits into existing practice workflows.


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