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The central telemedicine resource for athenahealth employees

Access the sales demo and check out a practice that syncs with Chiron Health for a telemedicine demo. Easily show how the Chiron solution integrates with athenaNet and demo a telemedicine experience.

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Incremental Revenue

Incremental Revenue

athenahealth and Chiron have teamed up to increase practice collections 3% – 4% by allowing physicians to replace unpaid phone calls with reimbursable video visits.

Boost Practice Efficiency

Practice Efficiency

Seamless scheduling integration with athenahealth allows staff to focus on value-add tasks. Let Chiron handle all details from eligibility checks to patient check in.

Patient Satisfaction

Patient Satisfaction & Retention

As competition for patients increases, convenient telemedicine services are becoming a necessity. Chiron clients see 98% patient satisfaction and reduced no-show rates.

Telemedicine - Family with Doctor

Seamless Scheduling Integration

Seamlessly integrate with existing practice workflows by scheduling video visits directly in athenaNet. Once selected, all details are synced to Chiron Health automatically. No duplicate work is ever required.


Automatic Insurance Exchange

Chiron Health simplifies the appointment process for your patients and staff. As soon as a video visit appointment is scheduled, patient insurance information is auto-synced from athenaNet to Chiron. No repetitive paperwork is needed.

Telemedicine Eligibility Verification

Automate patient telemedicine eligibility checks with the Chiron Rules Engine. This robust database has a deep understanding of state mandates and payer specific claims. Leave the reimbursement details to us.

Featured Resources

eBook - Demo Quick Guide

Demo Quick Guide

Quick workflow guide for demoing telemedicine in athenaNet

Demo Center

Enter the demo center to check out an athena practice and demo telemedicine

Demo Slide Deck

Telemedicine slide deck for demoing practices

How to video

Watch a walk through of how to use the Demo Center

Telemedicine Revenue Calculator

Calculate incremental practice revenue from offering telemedicine

Clinical Case Studies

Short case studies highlighting ideal telemedicine clinical use cases

Demo Video

Watch this quick demo of Chiron Health’s seamless integration with athenahealth

What physicians say about Chiron Health

Excellent Customer Service

“Chiron Health provides an easy way to offer HIPAA-compliant videoconferencing to your patients. Excellent customer service, top-notch!”

Sunjya Schweig MD

Sunjya Schweig, MD
California Center for Functional Medicine

Families Love it

We provide care to a lot of special needs children. Chiron Health allows us to deliver that care without the burden of traveling to the clinic. Families absolutely love it!”

Timothy Porter, MD

Timothy Porter, MD
Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago

Work from Home

“Chiron Health allows me to be more accessible for my patients and my staff loves it! I can work from home or when my office staff is busy with other tasks.”

Saima Jehangir, MD

Saima Jehangir, MD
Lotus Gynecology, Health & Wellness

Frequently Asked Questions

Chiron Health has a seamless scheduling and patient data integration with athenahealth. Simply schedule a telemedicine visit in athenaNet, just as you would an in-office appointment. Chiron Health does the rest! Appointment, insurance, and patient information is automatically synced to Chiron Health.

During a telemedicine appointment, document the encounter the same way you would for an in-office appointment. No workflow changes are needed.

Schedule a telemedicine appointment in athenaNet, with the same workflow as for an in-office appointment. The appointment and patient details are automatically synced with Chiron Health.

Yes! Unless you are prescribing a controlled substance, a patient-physician relationship may be established over telemedicine in most states.

Yes! Video visits allow physicians to see patients face-to-face at a time and place that is convenient for the patient. Physicians provide the same high quality care to patients.

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