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Private payer telemedicine reimbursement, guaranteed.

How does it work?


Eligibility verification

It all starts with the Chiron Rules Engine, the industry’s most advanced insurance rules database. We check the eligibility of every patient specifically for telemedicine reimbursement as soon as the visit is scheduled.


Denial resolution

If a claim is ever denied, our team of telemedicine reimbursement experts works with your practice to get it quickly resolved. We specialize in clean telemedicine claim submissions so you don’t have to.


Guaranteed payment

If a patient’s eligibility is verified, the claim is denied, and we can’t get it resolved, we reimburse up to $50 for the contracted amount from that payer. No questions asked.

Industry-first reimbursement technology

Chiron Health was founded on the belief that telemedicine could only thrive if it made economic sense for physician practices. The only problem is, complicated and rapidly changing reimbursement requirements have made it extremely difficult for providers to get adequately compensated for telemedicine.

This is why we’ve spent the last 2 years developing advanced technology that strips away this reimbursement complexity for physician practices. The Chiron Rules Engine gets smarter with every eligibility check we perform. Chiron clients helping Chiron clients.


Expert reimbursement support

As most in the healthcare industry know, great technology is not enough — especially when it comes to challenging reimbursement scenarios. That is why we have a team of telemedicine reimbursement experts working on your behalf to handle the complicated edge cases.

We believe that the right mix of humans and technology is what healthcare needs to function as it should. Your staff doesn’t love spending hours on the phone with payers to resolve a billing issue? Let us do it for you. Chances are, we’ve probably seen a similar issue with another client and can guide you through the process.

Ready for the next step?

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