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The most advanced database of telemedicine insurance rules in healthcare.

How does it work?


State reimbursement mandates

The core of the rules engine starts with a deep understanding of state telemedicine reimbursement mandates. Our regulatory team has spent years converting complicated telemedicine legislation into actionable intelligence.


Payer-specific nuances

Every payer has their own way of processing claims — and this is especially true for telemedicine. Our reimbursement specialists are in constant communication with the payers, building these reimbursement nuances directly into the Chiron Rules Engine.


Guaranteed reimbursement

We are so confident in the accuracy of the Chiron Rules Engine that we offer the Chiron Reimbursement Guarantee. We guarantee full private payer reimbursement for telemedicine visits, or we’ll reimburse the claim ourselves.

Seamless EHR/PM Integration

Direct EHR integration

What good is a reimbursement rules engine if it can’t access your patients’ insurance information? That’s why we built the Chiron Rules Engine to integrate directly into your EHR and practice management system.

Simply schedule a video visit as you would for an in-person appointment, and Chiron will pull the patient’s insurance information directly into the rules engine through an advanced API. There is never any duplicate work — for your practice staff or the patient.


The network effect

One of the most important aspects of healthcare moving to the cloud is the network effect that is produced. In the case of telemedicine reimbursement, our rules engine gets smarter with every eligibility check we perform — and all of our clients benefit.

If a telemedicine claim is ever denied, we add a new rule to the system and that update is automatically pushed to every Chiron client. You don’t just have our team working on your behalf, you have thousands of your colleagues across the country.


Ready for the next step?

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