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Telemedicine for Kareo


Simple telemedicine software to boost practice efficiency and patient satisfaction.


Cloud Architecture

Chiron Health and Kareo are entirely cloud-based services. No software to download and every user is always on the latest version.


Chiron Rules Engine

Automated eligibility checks with the most advanced telemedicine insurance rules database. Smart software that learns more with every check.


Practice Efficiency

Boost practice efficiency and patient satisfaction by seamlessly integrating video visits into existing practice workflows.

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Seamless Scheduling Integration

All of your in-office appointments are scheduled using Kareo’s practice management software – now video visits are scheduled there too. Simply schedule a ‘Telemedicine’ appointment using Kareo’s practice management software, and it will sync automatically with Chiron Health. No duplicate work is ever required.


Automatic Insurance Exchange

Chiron Health simplifies the appointment process for your patients and staff. As soon as a video visit appointment is scheduled, patient insurance information is auto-synced. No additional work is necessary.

Telemedicine Eligibility Verification

It’s true, reimbursement for telemedicine remains challenging. That’s why Chiron Health handles the eligibility verification work for you. With the Kareo integration, your practice will have access to the Chiron Rules Engine®, an industry-first telemedicine insurance rules database. We check the eligibility of every patient to ensure you’ll be reimbursed.



Telemedicine Definition

HIPAA-compliant Video Visits

Chiron Health video visit appointments are secure, HD video, and HIPAA-compliant. All documentation is completed in your current EHR, which means no new clinical systems to learn.

Find out why Kareo and Chiron make the perfect pair

Boost practice efficiency and patient satisfaction with secure video visits. Chiron Health – telemedicine for Kareo