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Telemedicine Revenue Calculator

Run the numbers for your practice – calculate incremental revenue from telemedicine

Telemedicine Best Practices

Everything you need to know to successfully implement telemedicine in your practice.


Demo Video

Founder and CEO, Andrew O’Hara, walking you through a demo of the Chiron Health platform

Definitive Guide

All things telemedicine in this definitive guide: implementation, benefits, reimbursement

White Papers and Guides


How to get reimbursed for telemedicine: overcome complexities and generate revenue

How-To Guide

Increase appointment volume with telemedicine

Clinical Case Studies

Telemedicine Clinical Case Studies on how telemedicine can be used in outpatient care

Top eBooks

eBook - How Telemedicine Changes the Way Doctors Do

Practice Efficiency & Strategy

How Telemedicine Changes the way Doctors do Business


Forget Telemedicine Complexity.
Get Reimbursed Faster

Best Practices

Top 5 Reasons Your Practice Should Be Offering Video Visits

Practice Efficiency & Strategy

7 Steps to Building Telemedicine Into Your Practice Workflow

ROI Tools

Lost Revenue Calculator

See the amount of revenue you are leaving on the table

Telemedicine Revenue Calculator

Run the numbers for your practice – calculate incremental revenue from telemedicine

Overhead Cost Calculator

Lower overhead costs with the addition of telemedicine

Product Demo Videos

Chiron Health + athenahealth

Watch a quick demo of Chiron Health’s seamless integration with athenahealth

Chiron Health + CareCloud

Co-Founder, Charlie Kolb, walks you through a demo of the CareCloud + Chiron Health integration

Chiron Health + Greenway

Co-Founder, Charlie Kolb, walks you through a demo of the Greenway Prime Suite + Chiron Health integration

View All Integrations

Seamless integrations with your current practice management system


The ROI of Telemedicine Programs

4 steps to optimize and ensure ROI in your practice.

See More Patients with Telemedicine

Answers to the most common questions when it comes to increasing your patient base using telemedicine

The Impact of Telemedicine in Your Practice

What can the impact of telemedicine be on your practice.

How Outpatient Clinics Leverage Telemedicine

The top 3 reasons why clinics decide to use telemedicine.

Physician Insights

Revenue & Efficiency

Learn how Adriana Guerra, MD of Inspire Family Health, drives revenue with telemedicine.

Timely & Efficient Care

Learn how Eric Giesler, MD, The Urology Team, has expanded their practice with telemedicine.

Patient Satisfaction

Learn how Saima Jehangir, MD of Lotus Gynecology, Health & Wellness increased patient satisfaction without hiring more staff.

Chiron Health Blog

A resource tracking the most important telemedicine news, updates & resources

On-demand Webinars

Patient Leakage

Patient Leakage – What to Know and How to Avoid It. Learn the impacts and new trends


How to get Reimbursed for Telemedicine Appointments & Generate Revenue

Best Practices

Get the most out of telemedicine and how to implement into your workflow

Practice Efficiency

Increase practice revenue and efficiency – without increasing overhead.

Case Studies

Austin Urology Institute case study

Austin Urology Institute

Dr. Koushik Shaw uses telemedicine to help his practice keep up with patient demand without increasing overhead costs

FirstCare Medical Group case study

Medical Group

FirstCare is building an ideal care management solution and improving patient relationships with telemedicine.

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