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What Our Clients Say
About Chiron Health

What our clients say about seeing their patients over HIPAA-compliant video with
full reimbursement

“Chiron Health’s platform is fast and easy to use ﹘ an added value for your patients and a great way to generate incremental revenue for your practice!”

Adriana Guerra, MD
Inspire Family Health

“Chiron Health provides an easy way to offer HIPAA-compliant videoconferencing to your patients. Excellent customer service, top-notch!”

Sunjya Schweig MD

Sunjya Schweig, MD
California Center for Functional Medicine

“We provide care to a lot of special needs children. Chiron Health allows us to deliver that care without the burden of traveling to the clinic. Families absolutely love it!”

Timothy Porter, MD

Timothy Porter, MD
Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago

“Chiron Health is a fantastic technology partner! Our office is running much more efficiently and our patients absolutely love the convenience.”

Imtiaz Alam, MD
Austin Hepatitis Center

“We’ve been using Chiron Health to help expand our practice with telemedicine. The feedback from patients has been great – they’re getting timely care in a very efficient manner!”

Eric Giesler, MD
The Urology Team

“Chiron Health enables me to do a rapid follow-up with patients in a formal setting without increasing overhead cost.”


John Flatt, MD
Louisiana Child Neurology

What their patients say

This was a great first experience, and saved me a 45min drive from my home to the doctor’s office.


Skip the drive!

Great care and this is a great option!


High quality care

Very happy with this new experience, will keep using it all the time! Thank you 🙂


Use telemedicine all the time!

Thank you so much!! This is was awesome to not have to come in when I wasn’t feeling well. Much love and appreciation to you and your support team.


Technical support is excellent

Nice & professional video meeting, staff is professional, approachable and nice. No issues with sound or video. Thanks!


Professional staff

Very convenient! No traffic, no hassle & still personable with the same attention to detail as an in office visit.


Same as in-person

Offer video visits today!

Boost practice efficiency and patient satisfaction with Chiron Health.